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Life through the eyes of a ginger pony:

Randi, Loch Leven Equine Practice Blog, Life through the eyes of a Ginger ponyWelcome to our new blog, life through the eyes of a Ginger pony..

Meet Randi! Randi, a 16.2hh (and shrinking) Selle Francais, is 27 years young this year and in a former life was an Advanced Event horse.
Randi belongs to Liz Burton and many of you will have met him at our clinic open day, or in our practical first aid talks.


13th May 2016Randi Blog Loch Leven Equine Practice

Last week was my birthday! I know technically you humans think we were all born on 1st January, but honestly we weren’t! I was born in France 27 years ago and came to the UK as a two year old. To celebrate my human bought my lots of polos, I love licking her hand with the underside of my tongue which she says is strange – I prefer to call myself unique!

In the last few weeks we have seen everything from blizzards, (which I do not like!), to sun which is excellent for sun bathing naked in the sunshine. My human says I look scruffy because I am losing my coat – she always looks scruffy so I don’t think she can comment! But she does seem to like grooming me to get it all out and I do love a good itch with a rubber curry comb.

There has been no more talk of Cushings Disease – although I have no doubt the next time I am at ‘work’ I will be giving some blood to be sent off for testing.
I have had an entertaining few weeks which have involved another visit from my farrier and his friends but the highlight has to be getting ridden by my human’s mini-me! Eloise first sat on me when she was 6 weeks old and now she has grown into a chatty seven year old pony lover. My human keeps telling her that I am an overgrown pony, so that she doesn’t need her own – which I think is quite insulting!

Every so often I dust off my saddle and bridle, polish my shoes and get to potter around with Mini-Me. I love having a job and miss my days of ridden work, especially the bouncing! I was impeccably behaved in the hope that I will be allowed out again soon. I especially love hacking in the fields with my human and am still known to bust some moves! My human was impressed with how sound I am looking – which she puts down to the Nutraquin+.

After being ridden I caught my human collecting my poo in a bag.. you humans have some funny ideas..! She says it’s for a worm egg count and that she takes it to work so that it can be looked at under the microscope. This then determines if I get some of that horrible white paste (wormer) or not. Hopefully not!

Until next time,


18th April 2016Randi Blog Loch Leven Equine Practice

It’s been a few weeks since my last instalment and I have finally managed to pin my human down for more than ten minutes!

It has been an exciting week with a delivery driver managing to get stuck in my field… I sometimes wonder if you humans use the brains you were blessed with?! Him getting stuck in the mud and having to be towed out definitely added some excitement to the field and of course I made the most of my go faster shoes, which I am sure was helpful.

Now the grass has started to come through one of the ladies from my herd has been moved out of my field with Molly and I and into the paddock next door. There is less grass in there which apparently will help to prevent her from getting laminitis.

As with so many conditions prevention is definitely better than cure and although she was grumpy for a few days I know that she would prefer to be on restricted grazing than her feet and have to be put in a stable. Her carer has been obsessively checking her feet for digital pulses as this can be an early indication to the onset of laminitis. I get mine checked every day as well, I’ve never had laminitis but my human keeps telling me just because I’ve never had it doesn’t mean I won’t get it!

My human says she is pleased with how I am looking coming out of winter. Personally I think I always look fabulous so I have no idea what she is talking about. She did mumble something about testing me for Cushings as she says my coat is longer than usual and not coming out as well as normal. Apparently Cushings Disease is very common in older horses and ponies, although I do keep showing her that I’m fine and I feel like I’m a four year old again! I think she just wants to get the nice vets from Loch Leven Equine Practice out to take blood, as they all love coming to see me.

I am hoping the weather keeps getting warmer so I can have some more days without my rug on. I do like to be cosy but there is something lovely about having the sun on your back.

Until next time,


18th March 2016

Randi Blog Loch Leven Equine PracticeAnother few weeks have flown by and in that time we have seen rain, sun, hail, snow, high winds and more mud!

My human says I have been growing my winter socks and I look like a hobbit, I’m not sure what a hobbit is, but I bet they are cool too.

The highlight of my fortnight has been seeing my farrier and his two sidekicks. They are always very nice to me and so my human sometimes feeds them toffee crisps.

Because I have navicular and coffin joint changes I have specially designed shoes to keep me bouncing and bucking at my optimum height! Apparently my shoes help to support my heel area and can correct the abnormal centre of gravity seen because of my Navicular. Rolling the toe of the shoe can ease the break over, which helps with the issues within my coffin joints.

Whilst all that sounds very good I like having my go faster shoes on and after Andrew and friends had put my shoes on I bounced my way back to the field to see my herd and my girlfriend.

I’m delighted to report that William is back out in the field, although I’m sure he would prefer to be in with me having some fun.

I have also heard talk that if it’s sunny this weekend then I might be allowed out for a ride with my human’s mini-me, which is always great fun and gets me ready for stubble field season!

Until next time,


17th February 2016

Another few weeks have flown past and the highlight has definitely been my human turning out my friend ‘William’ in the field next to me.

Blog, fractured radiusWhilst this routine task can sometimes be boring, when we horses have been on box rest for four months it gets a lot more exciting! Four months ago William was kicked in the field and fractured his radius (the top of his fore leg - see pictureed left). With some TLC (and some luck), William was finally ready to come back out to play.

William was most excited to be coming out and my human looked a little hot and sweaty by the time she reached the field, which is a short way from the stables. She needs the exercise so that’s fine. William and I had a chat over the fence and of course I helped the situation a lot by galloping up and down and snorting a lot. My lovely field companions are a similar age (and older) to me, but they don’t like to move around so much. My human says it’s good for my legs to keep moving so I think she was really pleased to see me in action.

Two days later my human was not looking all that happy when she came down in the morning to find William was on three legs with a thumping digital pulse to his foot. Luckily my human likes seeing the vets, so was thrilled when Jenny came and dug out an abscess.
Randi blog, Loch Leven Equine Practice, Life through the eys of a ginger ponyI haven’t seen William since so I am not sure if she has finally had enough of him, or if he is on box rest with a poultice on.

Next week I have my farrier visiting. He just loves coming to see me when it’s muddy. I know this because my human buys him Toffee Crisps to keep him sweet! Now that I’m no longer in ridden work I don’t feel the urge to pull off my shoes when I feel like a few days off!

Until next time,


February 2016
It's cold and wet, I have more rugs on than I can count but my Human insists it stops me from losing weight. I'm not much for the cold and keep trying to tell her that if she brought me in and fed me haylage it would help, but instead she insists on keeping me out with my friends as she says it's much better for my ageing legs.
Blog through the eyes of a Ginger pony Loch Leven Equine Practice vets scotland
As you can see by my picture, my ageing legs are working just fine and the white powder my human calls Nutraquin+ keeps me bouncing and bucking at an optimum height!  Since I've been munching my way though Nutraquin+ for the last two years I haven't had any of that awful tasting white stuff called bute, which suits me fine and my human says is much better for me as well as saving her bank balance.
Personally I don't see a problem with spending lots of money on me, what else are horses for?!

So at the moment my days are spent mulching around a wet field with my lady friend Molly, and twice a day we get a big bucket feed each as my human is always telling me I need more condition. I think she has my share of condition and I'm thinking of putting her on a diet in case she starts riding me again this summer!

Until next time embrace the mud,


Nutraquin for horses, Loch Leven Equine Practice, joint supplement

If you would like any more information on how Nutraquin+ joint supplment can help your horse please contact us on 01577 841010, or click here for more information.







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